©Buff Strickland

Buff Strickland


A neatly tied ribbon is a staple when it comes to gift-wrapping, but instead of reaching for a traditional satin option or a ready-made sticky bow, stock up on a variety of festive fabric trim at your local craft store.

Step 1


©Buff Strickland

Buff Strickland

Wrap Box With Fabric Trim

Wrap the box in plain kraft paper. Cut the first piece of fabric trim to the length needed to wrap once around the gift box. It’s best to start with darker or more neutral colors, and add increasingly interesting color and texture with each additional trim. Knot the ends and cut away the excess trim.

Step 2


Layer Fabric Trim

Even though each one of these trims makes a statement on its own, layering more than one style on a gift box is a great way to add visual interest and variety between presents. Play with different trim combinations until you achieve the looks you love.