Choosing the Right Rug

There are two different looks you can achieve with a flat weave rug used as a throw pillow: textural or patterned. Textural is easier to construct and also offers more forgiving seams. Patterned rugs are a bit more involved because you need to make sure the pattern repeat matches up at each seam.

Step 1

Measure and Mark

Fold the rug in half. Use measuring tape and a marker to mark the rug one inch wider and one inch longer than the intended pillow size. This additional material will account for seaming and any waste from stitching.

Step 2

Cut to Size

Use dressmaker shears to cut two identical squares from the folded rug. 

Step 3

Pin and Stitch

Use sewing pins to attach the two cut squares together with the right sides facing downward. Insert the mercerized cotton into the tapestry needle, then begin sewing along the pillow’s edge allowing 1/2" to account for the seam. Make your way around the pillow to the second mark, leaving the space between the two marks unstitched.

Step 4

Flip Inside Out

Flip the pillow cover so the inside is facing outward. Next, slide the pillow insert into the unstitched portion of the cover. Once the insert is snugly fit, close the opening with tapestry needle and mercerized cotton.