Step 1


Cut and Iron

Cut fabric into 13&" x 13" squares. Press and remove all stray threads. On the right and left sides of the first piece of fabric, fold and press a 1/4" hem. Fold toward the wrong side of the fabric. Fold the same edges over again another 1/4" and press.

Step 2


Fold the Corners

On each corner, fold the fabric over so that it creates a small triangle. Press well.

Step 3


Fold and Press the Other Sides

Create hems on the top and bottom edges, similar to the left and right. Fold over 1/4" and press.

Step 4


Fold Again

Fold again another 1/4" and press. This should create clean corners. Pin down the hems on all sides.

Step 5


Sew Hem

Using a sewing maching, beginning in one corner sew a straight stitch along the folded edge of the fabric. Start with a backstitch for a few stitches to lock the thread.

Step 6


Turn Corners

Sew all the way along the first side. When you arrive at a corner, ensure that the needle is inserted in the fabric and lift the presser foot. Pivot the fabric on the needle 90 degrees so that you can now sew the next side. Lower the presser foot and continue sewing. Treat all corners in the same manner. After all four sides are sewn, use the backstitch feature once more to lock the thread.

Step 7


Clean Hem and Iron

Snip stray threads and trim any excess. Press again.