With the trend towards metallics, gold polka dots seem to be all the rage, and fabric stamping is an easy and inexpensive way to get this look. 

Step 1


Insert Foil

Insert a piece of tin foil into the middle of the onesie, make sure it is the same width as your onesie. Keep the tin foil nice and flat.

Step 2


Prep Paint

Get the paint ready. A sturdy paper plate makes a great paint palette. Dab the circle sponge in the paint and really allow the sponge to soak up the paint. This may require more paint.

Step 3


Stamp Dots

Use the circle sponge to apply the paint onto the onesie. Use a gentle, but firm push. Do not move the sponge around when applying. Simply press down in one spot, and pick the sponge back up.

Step 4


Smooth Texture

If your paint circle has too much texture, use a paintbrush to gently brush the texture down until you have nice smooth circles.

Step 5


Allow to Dry

Allow paint to fully dry for 4 to 6 hours. A blow dryer can speed up the process. Flip onesie over to the other side and repeat the process.  Remove the tin foil when done.

Step 6


Cut Ribbon

For a little extra bling, add some gold bows using metallic ribbon.

Step 7



If you are working with a tank top onesie, simply tie the bows directly onto the straps and you are done. If working with a short-sleeve onesie, make the bow as you normally would. Then use a thread and needle to make a few stitches along the back center of the bow to the front of the onesie in various spots to secure.