Easy, Colorful and Fun

The kids will be very proud of their animal-shaped stencil paintings, so be sure to hang them all over the house to show off and encourage their creativity.

Step 1


Download Template and Cut Out Shape

Download one of our printable templates by clicking on the name to access the file: giraffebutterflyelephantflower and kite. Print the silhouette(s) then cut the shape(s) out of the paper. (Your child's initial would also be a fun option for the project. Just print the letter in your favorite font.)

Step 2


Adhere Shape to the Canvas

Cover the back of the cut-out shape with either Glue Dots or double-sided tape and adhere it to the canvas. Make sure all small points (i.e., the giraffe's tail) have something on them to hold them down.

Step 3


Paint Outward

Pick out your paint colors and place them in your palette (a paper plate will do just fine). Start the brush strokes on top of the silhouette and radiate them out toward the edges.

Step 4


Cover the Canvas From the Center

Work all the way around the silhouette, always brushing away from the stencil. We went all the way to the edges and varied the shades of pink around the canvas, but you can let the kids be creative with how they want to paint it.

Step 5


Dry and Peel

Let the paint dry and then peel off the silhouette leaving just the white space beneath.

Step 6



Hang the artwork on your child's wall and admire.