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Just Pin It

Let kids create whimsical magnetic clips to exhibit their masterpieces and serve as tiny works of art on their own.

Step 1


Gather Tools and Materials

You'll need: clothespins, air-dry clay, a rolling pin, clay cutters or small cookie cutters, craft glue and adhesive magnets.

Step 2


Create Clay Shapes

Roll clay into a ball and flatten with rolling pin. The thinner the clay is rolled out, the quicker it will dry. Use cookie or clay cutters to make different shapes and allow to dry. Repeat with additional colors and shapes.

Step 3


Attach to Clothespins

Once clay shapes are dry, arrange onto clothespins and attach with glue. Layer the shapes in interesting color combinations and formations. Allow to dry.

Step 4


Add the Magnets

When glue is dry, turn the clothespins over. Peel back the paper on the magnetic squares to reveal adhesive side. Adhere to the back of the clothespin, and repeat until three magnets are affixed on each clothespin.

Step 5


Photo By: Buff Strickland Photography

Buff Strickland Photography

Time to Shine

Stick to the refrigerator and use to hang artwork or photographs for an eye-catching display.