Step 1

Christmas Peace Sign Design

Create Template

Print or draw peace signs onto a sturdy piece of paper. Use that as a template to trace the shape onto the cardboard. You may want to make a few at varied sizes.

Step 2

Christmas Peace Sign Ornament

Cut Cardboard

Cut out the peace signs on the cardboard, making sure that the inside cuts are a little larger than they should be. The pom-poms will cover up some of the inside spaces, so you want to have a little extra room.

Step 3

Christmas Peace Sign Ornament

Color Cardboard

Use a colored marker or craft paint to cover the cardboard in the same color as the pom-poms just in case the cardboard shows through the pom-poms. Make sure to color the edges as well.

Step 4

Christmas Tree Ornament Design

Create a Way to Hang It

Use a screw, nail or pushpin to create a hole at the top of the peace sign (make sure you have it going in the right direction). Thread the pipe cleaner or ribbon through the hole and twist it around your finger to give it a curled look.

Step 5

Purple Christmas Ornament

Adhere Pom-Poms

Glue the pom-poms onto the cardboard using the hot glue gun. Push them together tightly and hold in place while they dry. Double check that they are not sticking out or in too far off the cardboard.

Step 6

White Christmas Peace Ornament

Photo By: Susan Teare

Susan Teare

Spread Some Peace

Experiment with a variety of colors and sizes and have a ton of fun creating your handmade Christmas ornaments.