Paper Carnations, Two Ways

We made these flowers two ways: the first using cupcake liners (you could also use coffee filters), and the second set of flowers using plain white card stock.

Step 1


First Fold

Spray-paint all of the branches white and set them aside to dry. Fold the liner in half. (We used cupcake liners in this example, but you can use coffee filters as well.)

Step 2


Second Fold

Fold one more time.

Step 3



Twist the bottom of the liner to see the top begin to look like the middle of a carnation.

Step 4


Add More Petals

To make the flower thick with more petals, take the same size cupcake liner and put a little glue in the middle, then set the finished "middle" into it and grab both liners by the base and twist together.

Step 5


Make It Thick

Continue to add liners until you reach a fullness you like. When you get to that point, set the flower aside to dry.

Step 6


Card-Stock Flowers

Cut the card stock into circles of various sizes. Then cut the circles into spirals.

Step 7


Shape the Swirls

When you get to the end, release the paper a little so the flower isn't tight and add a few more drops of glue on the end of the spiral, holding it back down to the side. Set the flowers aside to dry.

Step 8


Time to Arrange

When the flowers and branches are all dry, start to assemble your centerpiece. You may want to place the branches in your vase before attaching the flowers to make sure the flower placement is exactly where you want it.

Step 9



When your branches are arranged, use a hot glue gun to attach flowers to the branch. It is better to have an adult handle the hot glue gun, but the little ones will have fun picking out where the flowers will go. To keep the hot glue from dripping off the flowers, place the hot glue onto the bottom of the flower and hold it upside down for a minute so that the glue starts to get tacky.

Step 10



Continue attaching the paper flowers on the branches until you reach your desired look. Add glitter or dip the ends of the flowers in paint for a little something extra.