Step 1


Cut Fabric

Measure the width and height of your window. Then add four inches in width and 16 inches in height for the hems. This will be the measurement for each panel. Make two per window. Measure and cut the curtain fabric to size.

Step 2


Hem Bottom and Top

Start at the bottom of the curtain panel, lay the fabric pretty-side down and fold over a four-inch hem and iron. Fold the hem one more time, another four inches, using the first fold as a guide. Iron it flat. The double fold adds weight to the bottom of the panel so it hangs nice and straight like professionally sewn curtains. Place the bonding tape at the edge of the hem between the layers and press with the iron until the hem sticks together. Repeat the steps on the top of the panel.

Step 3


Hem Sides

Make a double hem on the long sides. Lay the fabric pretty-side down and fold over a one-inch hem. Measure and pin it so it stays straight, then iron it flat. Remove the pins and using the first fold as a guide, fold the hem over again one more inch and iron flat. Tuck bonding tape into the fold and iron the hem again little by little. Make sure the iron is good and hot so those little beads of glue melt and fuse the hem together. Do this again for the other long side.

Step 4


Measure and Cut Grommet Holes

Lay out the grommets on the top hem, evenly space them to figure out how many to use. It’s important to have an even number of grommets, so that the unfinished side of the curtain is folded in at both ends. Use the template provided with the grommets and a fabric pencil to carefully trace each grommet placement, about 2-3/4" from the top edge. Once your circles are drawn, use a sharp pair of fabric scissors to make a little incision in the center of the circle, through both layers of fabric. Lay the curtain nice and flat so the two layers are perfectly lined up and neatly cut out the circle. The grommets themselves are about a half-inch thick, so they’ll cover up this edge if it’s a little uneven, but you still want to be as close as possible.

Step 5

Add Grommets

Place the back of the grommet — which has this little raised lip around the inside edge — through the back side of the hole and make sure it fits (Image 1). If you need to trim off a little extra fabric, do that now. Then snap the front half of the grommet into place. Repeat for the other grommet holes (Image 2).

Step 6


Hang 'Em High

Hang the curtains up on a rod and then stand back and admire your handiwork.