Draw a picture or send a salutation on these fun placemats.  Then when the meal is over, wipe away the message along with the dinner crumbs.

Step 1


Iron It Out

Iron the fabric to make it perfectly smooth. You don't want any wrinkles in it when it comes time to lay it down on the particleboard.

Step 2


Prep the Top Piece of Fabric

Measure and cut a piece of fabric one inch larger on every side than the particleboard. For example, if your board is 14" x 18", cut the fabric to 16" x 20".

Step 3


Apply Adhesive on the Board

Coat the front of the board with a thin layer of the decoupage glue.

Step 4


Lay Down Fabric

Carefully center fabric over the top of the glue-covered board and lay it down.

Step 5


Flatten the Fabric

Smooth the fabric out with your hands, taking care to get rid of all air bubbles and wrinkles.

Step 6


Cut the Corners

Wait for the glue to dry. Turn the board over and cut off the corners of the excess fabric in a triangle shape. This will form flaps that are angled inward.

Step 7


Fold Over the Flaps

Apply decoupage glue to the excess flaps then fold them over onto the back side of the board.  Wait for the glue to dry.

Step 8


Prep the Bottom Piece of Fabric

Measure and cut a piece of fabric to cover the exposed back of the board. You can do this by tracing the board onto fabric with a pencil and then cutting just inside the line; this way the cut piece of fabric is slightly smaller than the board.

Step 9


Adhere the Bottom Piece

Attach fabric backing with a layer of glue and wait for it to fully dry. The fabric portion of the placemat is now complete.

Step 10


Apply a Topcoat

Add a topcoat of decoupage glue to both sides of the placemat to seal the fabric. Let each side completely dry before moving onto the final step.

Step 11


Apply Chalkboard Paint

When the glue is dry, apply a thin, even coat of clear chalkboard paint in a horizontal direction over the top of the placemat. Wait one hour and then apply another even layer of chalkboard paint, this time in a vertical direction. Allow the paint to cure for a full 24 hours. Depending on the fabric you use, you may need to apply two more layers of clear chalkboard paint in each direction.