Step 1

Paint Plywood

After determining the proper height and width for your string art piece, have a sheet of 3/4” paint-grade plywood cut to size at the local home-improvement store. Lay the plywood down on a flat, level surface on top of the drop cloth. Paint the front and the sides of the plywood with the colored latex paint.

Step 2

Trace Silhouette

Use chalk to draw the image directly onto the painted plywood. 


Step 3

Add Nails

Use needle-nose pliers to hold each 1” stainless-steel picture nail in place along the chalked silhouette, then attach nails in place with hammer spaced approximately 1/4” apart.

Step 4

Remove Chalk

Once all picture nails are added to the traced silhouette, use the detail paintbrush to remove the chalk.

Step 5

Add Nails to Perimeter

Using needle nose pliers, hold picture nails in place spaced 1/4” apart along the perimeter of the plywood, then attach them with hammer. This perimeter of nails is what the string will be attached to from the nails around the traced silhouette.

Step 6

Wrap the String

Unfurl spool of white string, then knot it in place along a perimeter nail.

Once the string has been knotted, randomly move it back and forth, wrapping it around different nails between the perimeter and the silhouette. For proper balance, do this in sections, working your way from the bottom upward. Once string is added and wrapped to and from the silhouette, the negative space will begin to take shape. Complete this until all nails have been wrapped.

Step 7

Add Hardware and Hang

Use drill to attach picture hanging hardware to the back of the plywood.