(Mostly) Homemade

You don’t need to know how to sew in order to make a fabulous handmade pillow! The his and hers embellished store-bought pillows are easy to make using some handmade stencils and paint.  

Pro Tip

Fabric paint is preferred, but if you don't plan on putting the pillow covers in the washing machine, you could use other types of paint.

Step 1


Trace Letters

On two separate pieces of paper, write down in big, bold letters, “HIS,” and, “HERS.” You may print this out from your computer using a nice classic font if you like. Once you have your lettering as you want it, tape the paper to the window. Cut a large piece of freezer paper, at least 2” larger than your lettering on all sides, and tape directly over the HIS or HERS signs with the shiny side of the freezer paper down. Using a pen or pencil, trace around your words.

Step 2


Cut Template

Remove your freezer paper and place on a cutting mat. Using the craft knife, cut around the edges of all of your letters until the middle of the letters are all removed from your freezer paper.

Step 3


Iron Freezer Paper

Remove the pillowcase of your store-bought pillow, and iron flat. With the right side up of your pillowcase (the side you want your lettering on), place your freezer paper with the letters cut out shiny side down. Iron freezer paper directly onto the pillowcase, until all edges are adhered onto the pillowcase.

Step 4


Insert Foil

Take a piece of tinfoil, and insert into the middle of your pillowcase. This will be to protect the back of your pillowcase from paint bleeding through.

Step 5


Paint Stencil

Turn pillowcase right side up, and make sure the tinfoil is securely underneath your lettering. Using a little bit of fabric paint and a sponge brush, carefully dab paint onto pillow where the lettering used to be in the middle of the freezer paper.

Step 6



Repeat for other pillow, and allow to dry.

Step 7


You're Finished

Now slip the pillow back inside, and enjoy!