Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Follow our step-by-step tutorial to learn how to add a heart-shaped patch to any sweater, shirt or pair of pants in under 10 minutes. Start by gathering materials, including a piece of clothing that would look great with heart-shaped patches added.

Pro Tip

Materials that should not be ironed on a hot setting will not be suitable for this particular method of applying patches.

Step 1


Width vs. Length

Using your measuring tape or ruler, measure your sleeve or pant leg. You want to figure out how large the heart patch should be (width vs. length). Your patch should be no larger than the back width of your sleeve and your own desired length. Write down your desired measurements.

Step 2


Cut Fabric

Cut out one piece of fabric and one piece of Heat’n Bond with those measurements.

Step 3


Bond Fabric

Place the textured side of the Heat’n Bond directly on top of the wrong side of your fabric and press with iron until it has adhered to the fabric. Follow the Heat’n Bond instructions. Repeat for second patch.

Step 4


Cut Shape

Using a pair of scissors, cut out a heart shape from your fabric.

Step 5


Peel and Attach

Carefully peel away the smooth surface of the back of your Heat’n Bond. Place wrong side down onto the back of your sleeve, midway down from the top of your shoulder to your wrist (or for pants midway down from inner leg seam to ankle). If you are concerned about proper placement, try the garment on and mark elbow or knee area.

Step 6


Iron On

Iron the patch directly onto garment, following the Heat’n bond instructions, until the patch is adhered. Allow to cool. Repeat for other elbow or knee, and you are finished!

Step 7



Optional: If you are adding the heart patch to an item of clothing that will see heavy wear or will be washed quite frequently, it is suggested that you sew around the heart patch to ensure long-lasting security. Simply use some embroidery thread and a needle to hand sew around the edges of each patch!