Step 1


Attach a String

Attach a string to a Mylar balloon (filled with air or helium). Note: If you’re using a Mylar foil balloon, it will last at least a week. Even as it deflates, the ghost will keep its shape.

Step 2


Cut Your Cheesecloth

Set the balloon aside while cutting pieces of cheesecloth to various lengths. You’ll need at least two layers that are short (pieces that are only a couple of inches longer on all sides than the balloon); two medium (5 to 10 inches longer than the balloon on all sides); and two long (12 to 18 inches longer than the balloon on all sides).

Step 3


Create a Hole

Find the center of one of the smaller pieces of cheesecloth. Use scissors or your finger to gently move the fibers around to create a hole.

Step 4


Thread the String

Thread the string from the balloon through the hole, and drape the cheesecloth over the balloon completely.

Step 5


And Repeat

Repeat the process with all of the pieces of cheesecloth. Alternate the order in which the different lengths are added.

Step 6


Make a Face

When the final layer has been added, it is time to create the face. Cut two small pieces of black duct tape roughly 3 to 5 inches each.

Step 7


Create the Eyes

Cut two tall oval shapes from each piece of tape to create the eyes.

Step 8


Attach the Eyes

Pull back one layer of the cheesecloth. Then attach the eyes to the cheesecloth face and then press down firmly.

Step 9


Add Mouth and Eyebrows

Repeat this process for eyebrows (skinny rectangles that have been pinched on one end to create the look of a raised brow) and a small mouth (circle shape).

Step 10


Final Touch

Pull the top layer of cheesecloth back over the face and you are ready to hang.