Print and Cut

Print and cut out the silhouette templates on plain white paper. Depending on the size you want, you might have to print on multiple pages.

Step 1


Spooky Shadows

Tape stencil to black poster paper. Trace with marker and cut along the edges. Download and print the template >>

Step 2


Add Wax Paper

Measure the size of your windows, and cut wax paper to fit each pane (optional). Tape it along the window frame. Download and print the template >>

Step 3


Attach Silhouettes

Use double-sided tape to attach the silhouette to the wax paper or directly to the glass on your windows. Download and print the template >>

Step 4


Add a Tree

For the owl in the tree, cut the silhouette to look like jagged branches. Let it the tree take up about a third of the window. Download and print the template >>