Halloween Decoration - Glowing Pods

Glowing Pods

This Halloween eve, greet trick-or-treaters with illuminated paper mache lights that you can hang from the trees or your porch.

Light up the night with these paper-mache pods. 

Step 1


Mix the Paste

Inflate the balloons to about 4 to 6 inches. Set aside. Prepare paper-mache paste by mixing white glue and water (4 parts glue to 1 part water) in a container until well combined and paste is of smooth consistency.

Step 2


Cut Power

Cut the coffee filters in quarters.

Step 3


Cover Balloons

Brush a thin layer of paper-mache paste on both sides of filter and attach it to the balloon.

Step 4


Multiple Layers

Cover each balloon with four layers of coffee filters.

Step 5


Hang to Dry

Repeat until all the remaining balloons are covered. Tie balloons to a string spacing them at least 5 inches apart and hang to dry overnight.

Step 6


Hang and Add Glow Sticks

When the paper mache is completely dry, cut off the tops where the balloons are knotted. This should pop the balloon. Poke the skewer through the neck of pod near the opening so you have two holes on each side. Thread string through the holes and tie a knot. Hang the pods from a porch or a tree. Vary the heights of the pods in clusters. Crack and shake glow sticks and slip them in each pod.