How to Make Gift Bags Out of Duct Tape

Make customized wine caddies using cardboard and decorative duct tape. These bags are great for wine because they're waterproof, reusable and slightly thermal, so they will keep beverages cool.



If you plan on making a bunch of these fun gift bags, save money by using plain, inexpensive duct tape for the inside of the bag and leave the decorative tape for the outside of the bag.

Materials and Tools:

hot glue gun
duct tape (lots of colors and styles)
wine bottle

Make the Base of the Bag

Lay out strips of duct tape so they slightly overlap. Lay them sticky side up. Lay more duct tape sticky side down on top of sticky side up. Leave one sticky strip uncovered, so you can attach both sides together (so you'll have no more sticky sides). Make it wide enough and long enough to go around the bottle but not cover up the top.




Create the Bottom

Cut a piece of cardboard the shape of the bottom of the bag. Cover both sides of the cardboard with the tape (decorative tape on the bottom). Make the bottom side about an inch longer than the inner side so there is about an inch of sticky side exposed.




Attach the Bottom

Wrap the wine bottle with the base piece. Attach with the uncovered sticky end. Place the base and bottle on top of the cardboard piece, then push the tape up the sides.


Add the Handle

Make a handle for the bag. Depending on how wide you want the handle, use one strip folded into itself or lay two strips side by side overlapping, then fold over so there is no sticky side showing. Leave some stickiness exposed at the bottom ends of the handle so you'll be able to attach it to the bag. Attach the handle to the outside of the bag. You can also staple it to the bag to make sure it is secure.


Cover the Edges: Top and Bottom

Wrap a piece of duct tape horizontally around the bottom of the bag to cover the rough edges from the bottom piece. Repeat the process to cover where the handle is attached to the bag.



Create a design for the front of the bag from a different color duct tape or craft paper. It is easiest to hot glue the design to the bag. (We made a Halloween gift bag with a skull on it.)


Alternate Way to Make the Bottom of the Bag

A simpler option to make the bottom is to use two cross pieces of duct tape. Double side the tape so there is only an inch or so of stickiness showing at each end. Attach to the bottom of the bag. Repeat the process, laying the second piece of tape perpendicular to the first. Then lay a piece of tape over the bottom edge of the bag to cover the ends of the bottom pieces.




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