How to Make Customizable Holiday Gift Tags

Download, customize and print your own holiday gift tags.

Tag, You're It

Add extra cheer to any present with these customizable holiday gift tags. Download the instructions.

So Sweet

Yum! A sweet cup of cocoa makes the perfect gift tag for exchanging gifts on a chilly Christmas night. Download this template.

Tied Up

Affix tags to gift wrap with tape, or simply tuck them beneath festive bows. Download this template.

Smitten With Mittens

Add some warmth to your gift wrapping with these adorable mini mitten gift tags. Download this template.

Blue Christmas

Personalize each gift tag with the name of the sender and receiver so no one is left out. Download this template.

Extend the Olive Branch

Promote peace on earth this holiday with a simple olive branch gift tag wrapped around a sprig of rosemary. Download this template.

Holiday Punch

Punch a hole at the top of the vertical tag to thread and tie matching ribbon or baker's twine. Download this template.

Santa's List

Use gift tags with Santa's jolly face for all the people on your nice list. Download this template.

A Cut Above

Create custom shapes by cutting outside the lines. The square template can be easily transformed into circular tags. Download this template.

Winter Wonderland

Add a touch of fun to your presents this year with adorable ice skate gift tags. Download this template.

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