Ready to Pirouette

Do you have a little girl that loves to twirl around? Have her help you make a colorful tutu she can call her own. Even if she is not handy with scissors, she can help lay out the fabric and tie it onto the elastic.

Step 1


Cut Elastic to Size

To determine the length of the elastic, measure your child’s waist. Subtract 4 inches then cut to that size. (For example, my child's waist is 21 inches, minus 4 equals a 17-inch piece of elastic.) Keep in mind that the elastic will stretch as you are putting the fabric scraps around it. For the best fit, always measure the child. But just in case you do not have that option, here is a list of the average waist size for a child’s age: 12 to 18 months = 15 1/2”; 2T = 16”; 3T = 16 1/2”; 4T = 17”; 5T = 17 1/2”, 6T = 18”; 7 yrs. = 18 1/2”, 8 yrs = 19”. Add 1” to the elastic for each additional year up until the teen years.

Step 2


Pin the Elastic Waistband

Fold the elastic so that the ends meet and overlap. Pin it in place.

Step 3


Sew the Elastic Waistband

Use a needle and thread or a sewing machine to stitch the ends together.

Step 4


Prep the Scrap Fabric

Cut the fabric into 2 1/2” x 22” strips.

Step 5



When you have cut all of the fabric into strips, take the first strip and fold it in half so that it creates a loop.

Step 6


Wrap Around the Elastic

Bring the loop of fabric up and over the inside of the elastic. The bottom of the fabric will be beneath the elastic waistband, and the top of the loop will be above.

Step 7


Grab the Bottom Part

With the loop still above the elastic, grab both of the bottom ends of the fabric strip.

Step 8


Loop Together

Pull the bottom ends of the fabric strips through your upper fabric loop.

Step 9


Secure It

Pull tight to create a knot around the top of the elastic.

Step 10


Continue the Process

Repeat with the remaining fabric strips.

Step 11


Knot and Squish

As you are adding the fabric strips, occasionally push the top knots together. This will stretch the elastic a bit, as well as give you extra room to add more strips and create a really full tutu.

Step 12


Keep Going

Repeat until you've made it all the way around the entire piece of elastic.

Step 13


Top It Off With Bows

If desired, add bow ties around the top of the tutu. Place one fabric strip underneath the top of one of the tutu pieces. Your new fabric strip will be centered with the tutu strip it is on underneath.

Step 14


Tie the Bows

Tie the new fabric strip in a bow around the tutu strip. Repeat on various tutu strips all around the top edge of the tutu.

Step 15


Go, Girl

Wear the tutu over your favorite tights or leggings for an ultra-cool look!