Step 1


Paint Wreath Form

Paint the wreath form with black acrylic paint. Set aside. You don’t have to get super-even coverage as most of the form will be camouflaged by the feather boa.

Step 2


Draw Pupils

While waiting for the paint to dry on the wreath, start working on the creepy eyeballs. Use a permanent marker to draw a circle with a little notch taken out of it (almost like a Pac-Man shape) in the middle of a Ping-Pong ball. This will create a catch-light in the eye which makes it look more realistic. Color in the shape.

Step 3


Make It Pop

Choose an eye color (blue, green or brown) to make the iris. Follow the circle that you already created for the pupil with the colored marker. To complete the catch-light, create another notch in the iris, lined up with the notch you already made in the pupil. This should give you a full circle of white in between the pupil and iris.

Step 4


Don't Skip the Details

Add a darker color to the iris to create detail in the eye. If you started with light blue, use a darker blue to add extra lines and marks like a real iris.

Step 5


Add Creep Factor

To make the eyeballs look a little creepy, use a red marker to draw veins on the side of the eyeball. Start at the bottom of the eye going upward toward the pupil and iris. Repeat the whole process until you have enough eyeballs.

Step 6


Attach Pin

Add a bead of hot glue to a floral pin, and attach the floral pin to the back of the eyeball. Repeat for the rest of the eyeballs.

Step 7


Attach the Boa

When the paint on the wreath is dry, wrap the feather boa around it and secure it with floral pins.

Step 8


Attach the Eyeballs

Using the pins on the back of eyeballs, attach the eyeballs randomly around the wreath.

Step 9


Happy Halloween!

Greet trick-or-treaters in style with your door wreath.