The fabric painted onesie is a fun, budget-friendly craft to make for baby that anyone can do!

Step 1


Draw Pattern on Paper

Cut a piece of freezer paper the same approximate size as the onesie. Lay the shiny side of the freezer paper down, and draw or trace the desired image onto the paper.

Step 2


Cut Stencil

Place the drawing onto a cutting mat, and very carefully cut around the image using a utility knife.

Step 3


Iron On Stencil

Once the design has been cut away, iron the freezer paper with the shiny side down directly onto the onesie. Press all pointed edges or any small pieces carefully so that they remain in place. Allow to cool.

Step 4


Insert Foil

Slip a piece of aluminum foil in the center of the onesie underneath the entire freezer paper stencil. This will prevent the paint from getting onto the back of the onesie. Use a small amount of fabric paint on a sponge brush to carefully start applying paint to the onesie.

Step 5



Do not gob the paint on, simply dab it on in normal even strokes and allow it to dry. If you are painting on a darker onesie like I am and the fabric shows through the paint, repeat this step a few times allowing the paint to dry each time in between.

Step 6


Paint Details

When the paint is dry, carefully peel away the freezer paper revealing the design. To add alternate color or embellishments, simply repeat the freezer paper process. For smaller embellishments, like the swan's bow tie, use a fine-point paintbrush to freehand it.

Step 7


You are finished!

This is the perfect way to add a personalized touch without having to do any sewing.