Step 1


Paint the Poster Boards

Paint both sides of both poster boards in the color of your choice. On the outer sides, you only need to paint a thick border because that is where you will paste the screen printouts. Allow the paint to dry for about an hour.

Step 2


Take Photos of a Phone

Take a screenshot of your phone’s screen and take a photo of the back of another phone. Send the images to a copy center to have them enlarged. Adhere the enlarged pictures to the poster boards.

Step 3


Create a Border Around the Screen

Roll the picture out flat and make sure there are no bubbles. Cut poster sheet into four 1”-wide strips, two 15” long and two 21” long. Glue strips around the printout to make a frame. Use magic marker to draw a circle in the top center for the camera. Lay both poster boards flat one on top of the other. Make the holes for the shoulder straps and side straps (at the waist). Mark a spot on the top left of both boards and one straight across on the top right, and one on each side about halfway down. Make the holes using a screwdriver or scissors blade. Attach both boards together with pipe cleaners. Leave enough space for a head to slip in and then twist pipe cleaners accordingly.

Step 4

Make the Earbuds

For our earbuds we used two round household scrubbing sponges because they had a loop for a rope. You can use a set of potholders or any other round items that can be tied with string.

Cut two 10” x 10” squares of batting or cotton roll. Place sponge in the middle of batting. Wrap the batting around the sponge. Make a tiny hole so that the loop on the sponges comes out of the batting. Use a glue gun to secure the batting. Insert rope through the loops and tie a knot. 

Step 5


The Latest Model

Every kid wants a smartphone. Here's a way to give them one without the expense.