A ruffle-butt onesie is the perfect outfit to have your newborn's photos taken in.  Adding ruffles to the bottom of any onesie is an easy sewing craft that takes less than an hour and cost just a few dollars.

Step 1


Prep Fabric

Cut three 2" x 44" strips of the knit fabric.

Step 2


Gather Fabric Strips

Sew a gathering stitch down the very center of each knit strip of fabric, but don't stitch the ends. Gently pull the bobbin threads on each end to make a ruffle.

Step 3


Create More Ruffle Strips

Repeat for all three strips.

Step 4


Pin to Bum

Pin the end of one of the strips to the center bottom of the back of the onesie. Be sure to only pin through the back of the onesie, not catching the front.

Step 5


Swirl Ruffle Strip

Start wrapping the ruffle around in a circle, keep it very close together and pin in various places around the ruffle.

Step 6


Secure the First Ruffle

Use a sewing machine to stitch the ruffle in various places around the circle. Be careful to only sew onto the back of the onesie, don't sew through the front. A few stitches back and forth in various spots, every inch around is a good rule of thumb and is enough to secure the ruffle to the onesie.

Step 7


One Done

Clip all threads, and you should now have this.

Step 8


Add More Ruffle Strips

Continue adding the other ruffle strips until you have your desired ruffled bum.

Step 9



There is just something about those ruffled little bums that makes everyone smile.