Most every kid loves pizza, so let them proudly wear their favorite meal this Halloween. You can even give them their choice of toppings.

Step 1


Paint the Dough

Our Frisbees were yellow, so we spray-painted them white for a clean base to work with. You may want to do the same if you have a bright-colored disc.

Step 2


Make the Crust

Mix flesh, brown, cream and white paints on a palette. Apply the paint around 1 inch of outer rim to mimic the look of pizza crust. Mix brown, cream and white paint to make a color for the bottom of the pizza.  Apply it to backside of the pizza. Repeat with the second Frisbee.

Step 3


Add a Layer of Sauce

Mix red and cream paint to make the color of tomato sauce then apply it over the base color. Set aside to dry.

Step 4


Cut the Mushrooms

Draw mushroom shapes on cardboard then cut out. You will need about 10 to 12 depending on the size of your pizza. Paint the cut-outs in cream and then add flesh color to the center.

Step 5


Make Pepperoni

Find a round object and trace the shape onto the cardboard. Cut out the circle shapes then paint them red with white dots.

Step 6


Create More Toppings

Use green paper napkins to make basil leaves. Keep the napkins folded and fold again. Draw an arc leaf shape then cut out the shape. When you unfold the napkin you should have symmetrical leaves.  Use wood beads with holes in them to make black olives; simply spray-paint them black.  We also used bottle caps and cotton rounds to look like veggies and cheese, and green straws to look like peppers.

Step 7


Adhere the Toppings

Before gluing down the toppings, arrange them on the pizza to determine their placement. Try to spread toppings evenly but in no particular manner. Glue each item one at a time. When all the toppings are glued down, let dry for a few minutes. Shake the pizza to ensure all toppings are glued on securely.

Step 8


Add Shoulder Straps

Tie the top ends of pizza together with two sets of pipe cleaners.  Leave enough of a gap for your child's head to slip through.

Step 9


Large Pizza Pie

Enjoy all the compliments you and your child will get this Halloween.