This DIY Halloween costume is perfect if you are tight on time and funds. It'll take less than an hour to make and cost just a few dollars in materials. 

Step 1


Measure Your Monster's Head and Cut Fleece

Measure around your dog's head and add 5". Cut the fleece to that length and 4-1/2" wide.  To create the ties, fold the fleece in half lengthwise and trim the fabric equally from each side.  Leave about 3-1/2" uncut from the edge of the fold (7" total when unfolded) at the full 4-1/2" width and then taper down to create 1"-wide ties as shown.

Step 2


Cut Ear Slits If Necessary

Optional: This costume looks funniest without ears, but if your dog has ears that stick up, or would be more comfortable with ear holes, simply try the head band on (right-side down) mark where their ears are, and cut slits.  

Step 3


Menacing Teeth

Create teeth by cutting zigzags across the top half of a 2" x 7" piece of felt.

Step 4


Secure Chompers

Attach the felt teeth to the underside of the fleece and secure it with hot glue.

Step 5


Googly Eyes

Create eyes by marking a large X on each Ping-Pong ball.

Step 6


Apply Eyes To Fleece

Line the eyes up across the front half of the head band.  Secure with hot glue.

Step 7


Three-Eyed Monster

Now simply tie under your pup's chin, and he's ready to rock to the Monster Mash!