This belt is the perfect accessory for your favorite dress or pair of jeans. Add beads or a little gold hardware (we used brass plumbing couplers) for the finishing touch.

Step 1


Cut Strips

Cut six 1" x 36" strips of fabric from the yardage.

Step 2


Slit Knot

Join two strips of fabric together with a slit and loop knot: Cut a slit lengthwise, about 1/2" from the end of the first strip. The slit should only be large enough to allow the bulk of the next strip to pass through it.

Step 3


Slip One Into the Other

Cut a similar slit about 1/2" from the end of the second strip. Bring the UNCUT end of the second strip through the slit of the first strip, and then through the slit in the second strip.

Step 4


Tie the Pieces Together

Pull the strips snugly to tighten the knot. This joins the two strips without the bulk of a traditional knot.

Step 5


Make 6 Into 3

Repeat twice more, so that your six strips are joined into three long strips.

Step 6


Get Ready to Braid

Secure the knotted end to a firm surface and begin making a traditional three-strand braid. Be careful not to let the long strips tangle as you are braiding.

Step 7



Continue braiding until you have approximately five inches of fabric left. Wrap it around your waist to judge whether you might need more length on your belt. If so, tie three more strips onto the existing strips as needed to complete the length.

Step 8


Add Bling

Before knotting the end, slip on two brass pipe couplers.

Step 9


Secure Bling

Firmly knot each end to hold the couplers in place.

Step 10


Clip Ends

Trim any stray threads to tidy up your belt.

Step 11


Make a Bunch

Braid more belts in a variety of colors and make some for your friends, too.