Step 1


Create a Harness

For the ladybug body, create a simple harness out of black fleece.  Measure your dog around the chest, halfway down the back, and also around the waist.  Cut the black fleece into a modified H shape, with the arms of the H matching your dog's chest and waist measurements plus 2" (the arms should be about 2-1/2" wide).  The center of the H should be about 8" wide and the length of half your dog's back.  For example, on a medium dog, this harness has straps that measure 23" end to end and a center panel measuring 8" wide by 9" long.

Step 2


Create Wings

Create the ladybug wings by drawing a wing shape that is 3" wide at the base, 5-1/2" wide at the widest point and 12" long (as shown).  Modify the size up or down for a smaller or larger dog. Cut out one wing and lay it upside down on another section of felt, then use it as a guide to cut the other wing.  

Step 3


Cut the Dots

Cut out ten 2" circles of black felt for the dots. 

Step 4


Attach The Dots

Sew or glue the dots into place on each wing.

Step 5


Attach Wings to Harness

Center the wings across the top of the harness (flat along the chest strap).  Attach the wings to the harness by sewing across the top and down the straight side of each wing.

Step 6


Add Fasteners

Apply Velcro tape to the straps of the harness.  Place the soft side of the tape on the underside of the right straps and the hard side of the Velcro tape on the topside of the left straps.

Step 7


Create Antennae

To create the antennae, measure around your dog's face.  Cut a piece of elastic to that length and sew it together with a half-inch overlap.  Bend the pipe cleaner into a squared off V-shape.  

Step 8


Glue Pompoms To Antennae

Cut small holes in the center of the elastic and thread the ends of the pipe cleaner through.  You can make the antennae more stable by adding a little hot glue to the underside of the pipe cleaner. Glue the pompoms to the ends of the pipe cleaner and the antennae are done.  

Step 9


Halloween Ready

Now that your four legged friend is dressed up as the world's most adorable beetle, show him off on Halloween.