Love Bug

With a free pattern and easy-to-follow instructions, this sewing project is easy to make for multiple children and can be adjusted for both boys and girls by simple fabric selection.

Step 1


Cut Fabric

Print out pattern pages and cut out. From the 3 fat quarters of fabric, cut out pattern pieces as instructed. Transfer markings for eyes and antenna on both sides of the fold directly onto one of the top half fabric pattern pieces.

Step 2


Sew Eyes

Using your sewing machine, or hand embroidery, make a small circle of stitches or a few zigzag stitches back and forth for the eyes on the right side of fabric for one of the top half pattern pieces. Some machines have various embroidery stitches that you can also use to give a more elaborate look. Set aside.

Step 3


Sew Wings

Take two wings, and place right sides together. Pin. Sew around the outer curved edge, leaving the top straight edge open. Clip seam allowance around the curve. Turn right side out, and press. Repeat for other two wings.

Step 4


Overlap Wings

Lay your two wings, one on top of the other, lining up the top raw straight edge. Pin in place, and sew a basting stitch 1/4” away from the edge.

Step 5


Get Ready

We will be attaching the wings to one of the bottom half pieces.

Step 6


Pin and Sew Wings

Lay your wings directly on top of one of the bottom half pieces, right side up. Pin in place, and sew 1/4” from the top edge. Set aside.

Step 7


Make Antenna

Cut your 3” of string into two even pieces 1.5” in length each. Pin one edge of each string to the bottom of the top half pattern piece that already has the eyes embroidered on, where the antenna markings are located. Baste stitch 1/3” away from the edge to secure.

Step 8


Top Half

Place your embroidered top half pattern piece directly on top of the bottom half pattern piece with wings, right sides together. Match up the straight raw edge, pin and sew along the sew line.

Step 9


Open Up

Press open.

Step 10


Bottom Half

Place your second top half pattern piece right sides together with your other bottom half pattern piece, and sew along the sew line. Press open.

Step 11


You Have Both Sides

You now have your top and bottom half of the love bug! It's time to sew them together and stuff.

Step 12


Pin All Around

Take your top and bottom love bug pieces, and place them right sides together. Pin all around the sides, leaving a 2-3” opening along one edge for turning. Sew around.

Step 13


Time to Stuff

Turn love bug right side out, pushing out all edges with your finger. Stuff with poly-fil. Stuff as much as you possibly can, as it will help push out all of the edges.

Step 14


Whipstitch It Good

Once you have stuffed as much Poly-fil as you can inside, pin opening closed making sure your raw edges are enclosed. Whipstitch closed using a thread and needle. And you are finished!

Step 15


Snug as a Bug

Be careful, love bugs tend to multiply.