Make It If You Dare

When picking out vintage post, make sure there is a flat section in the post so you can attach the corbel against it. Also, when picking out the corbel, be sure it has a straight 90-degree angle. Some corbels are tilted for porch roofs.

Step 1


Prep the Sign

Cut one of the pieces of plywood into two pieces, one at 12" x 11" and the other at 3" x 12". The bigger piece is for the name of the inn, and the small piece is for the "vacancy" part of the sign. Sand the edges of each piece smooth. Create curved corners on the top of the 12" x 15" piece of plywood. We used a dinner plate and a ruler to trace two equal curves; you could also use a compass or a protractor.

Step 2


Cut to Size

Use a jigsaw to cut the decorative corners and then slightly sand the edges.

Step 3


Add Holes to Corbel

Pre-drill holes in the corbel so it can easily be attached to the side of the post. Use wood screws to attach the corbel to the post.

Step 4


Add the Base

Prop the post up on bricks or scrap wood to attach the plywood base (the piece you didn’t cut for the sign) to the bottom of the post.

Step 5


Bring On the Paint

When all the pieces are cut and ready, including the post and sign pieces, paint everything white. Let the pieces dry completely, and then slightly sand off some of the paint to give the entire piece an aged look.

Step 6


Name Game

Use the letter stencils and a ruler to trace the letters for the name of your hotel or inn onto the plywood sign. Try a fun but spooky name like "Bat Barn Inn," "Black Crow's Nest" or "Ogre and Owl Inn."

Step 7


Paint the Letters

Use a small paintbrush to paint the letters with black paint.

Step 8


Drill Holes

Pre-drill holes at the top of the "vacancy" sign and the bottom of the main sign. Match up the holes so you can attach each piece of the sign. Insert teacup hooks in each of the pre-drilled holes, and hang chain from the hooks. Do the same for the top of the main sign onto the bottom of the bracket on the post.

Step 9

Halloween Haunted Hotel Sign

Haunted Hotel Sign

Photo By: Joanne Palmisano and Susan Teare ©Susan Teare View original photo.

Joanne Palmisano and Susan Teare, Susan Teare

Finishing Touch

Decorate the sign with owls, crows and bats. Enjoy your sign, and have fun checking people in.