Step 1


Get the Look

Gather the pumpkins on a tarp, and arrange them in the way that you will want the faux bonfire to look. When you have them in place, put a dot on the pumpkins where you want the flame to go.

Step 2


Draw Your Flames

Use a pencil to draw the flames on the sides of the pumpkins. Do not draw them all the way to the bottom or top.

Step 3


Time to Carve

Use a carving knife or special pumpkin knife to cut out the flames.

Step 4


Knock Out

After carving, carefully remove the flames.

Step 5


Gather 'Round

Realign the pumpkins in the location of your bonfire. If using foam pumpkins, you may have to add some rocks or weight to the bottom so they don't slide out of place while you place the rest of the pumpkins on top.

Step 6


Photo By: Lindsay Raymondjack ©Lindsay Raymondjack

Lindsay Raymondjack, Lindsay Raymondjack

Bring On the Night

When you are ready for your Halloween gathering, add the battery-operated tea lights and glow sticks to the inside of the pumpkins. You will need at least 3 to 6 per pumpkin. Wait for it to get dark to see it light up like a real bonfire.