Step 1

Christmas Go-Go Boot Stocking

Make a Loop to Hang the Boot

Remove laces from boot. Cut two 6-inch pieces of the purple ribbon. Hot-glue each end of the ribbon on either side of the boot seam to create a hanging loop. Use a generous amount of hot glue to keep the ribbon from ripping off with the weight of all the gifts that are sure to be stuffed into your boots.

Step 2

Christmas Stocking Boot

Measure and Cut the Fur

Determine the size of the shag fur to go around the top of the boot. Leave at least a 5-inch overhang so when the boot is closed, the fur will cover the top of the boot tongue.

Step 3

Christmas Boot Fur Trim

Adhere the Fur

Hot-glue the fur to the inside of the boot. Press down firmly with your fingers to help secure.

Step 4

Christmas Boot Stocking

Lace Up the Boot

Lace the ribbon in the boots, but only go about halfway up. If necessary, add some newspaper or plastic packing material to give the boot's foot and ankle structure without weight. Lace up the rest of the boot and tie the ribbon, letting it hang down.

Step 5


Photo By: Susan Teare

Susan Teare

Hang Stocking and Wait for Santa

Hang the boots on the mantel, making sure they are at least 12 inches from an open flame or heat.