How to Make a Gift Basket for a Popcorn Lover

There's just something about receiving popcorn during the holidays that's reminiscent of those jumbo tins overflowing with sweet and savory flavors. Channel that nostalgia by creating a healthier homemade version with a unique presentation.

Photo By: Buff Strickland ©Buff Strickland

Photo By: Buff Strickland ©Buff Strickland

Photo By: Buff Strickland ©Buff Strickland

Photo By: Buff Strickland ©Buff Strickland

Photo By: Buff Strickland ©Buff Strickland

Pop Stars

For an inexpensive take on gifting popcorn, prepare bulk batches in interesting flavors like Moroccan spice and white chocolate caramel. Scoop them into standard brown lunch sacks. A sprig of evergreen and artistic details are an easy way to dress up the presentation and make this one gift that anyone would be thrilled to receive.

Tools and Materials

Brown paper sacks, scalloped-edge hole punch, regular circle-hole punch, twine or thread, scissors, evergreen sprig, printable popcorn labels, full-sheet label paper, scissors or craft knife, Moroccan spiced popcorn, rosemary sea salt popcorn, and white chocolate caramel popcorn.

Prepare Bags and Create Labels

Use a scalloped-edge hole punch to punch a decorative edge onto standard brown paper lunch sacks. Download the popcorn label template and print onto white full-sheet label paper. Use scissors or craft knife to carefully cut out each individual label. Peel off back to expose adhesive side, center onto brown paper bag and press.

Fill Bags

Follow instructions to make Moroccan spiced popcorn, rosemary sea salt popcorn and white chocolate caramel popcorn. Once cooled, scoop two cups of each variety into its corresponding bag.

Seal Bags

Fold top of bag over one inch, and use a regular hole punch to create two holes one inch apart through the folded top of the bag. Snip a long piece of twine and thread through the two holes. Place sprig of evergreen and continue to wrap, and then knot to keep the evergreen in place and the bag closed.

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