Give your Christmas decor a shot of atomic-age style. Display one or several of these fringe-covered, onion-shaped decorations on a credenza or mantel, or hang them in a window.

Step 1


Draw Ornament Shape

Draw a large (1- to 2-foot) midcentury-inspired shape on a large piece of cardboard or foam core. If you have trouble drawing the shape freehand, search the Internet for a template or pattern.

Step 2


Cut Out Shape

Use a utility knife to cut the shape out of the cardboard. Be sure to put something underneath the cardboard before cutting to avoid damaging your table or work surface underneath.

Step 3


Double Up

Flip over the ornament shape so the good side is facing down. Trace the shape on the other piece of cardboard. Then cut it out using a utility knife. You should now have two matching ornament shapes.

Step 4


Make the Sides

To make the sides of the ornament, use a straightedge to draw long rectangular strips approximately 3 inches wide. Depending on how big the ornament and cardboard are, you may need to cut multiple strips to make the sides.

Step 5


Attach Strips

To assemble the pieces, flip one of the ornament pieces over so the back is facing up. Use masking tape to attach the strips to the ornament. Apply the tape on both the inside and outside of the ornament. Follow the curves as best you can.

Step 6


Grab a Pal

You may want an extra pair of hands for this step. One person can tape while the other holds the strip flush to the ornament. Multiple strips will likely be needed to create the sides, but don’t worry; the strips will not be visible when the ornament is done.

Step 7


Assemble Top

Use more masking tape to attach the second piece of the ornament on top of what has already been assembled.

Step 8


Create Fringe

Use fringe scissors to cut fringes in a roll of streamers. Leave 1/4” to 1/2” from the top of the streamer uncut.

Step 9


Attach Fringe

Apply a bead of glue to the bottom of the ornament and one at the top of the fringed streamer. Lay the streamer onto the ornament’s bead of glue and press down firmly. Continue the layer until you have gone all the way around. Cut off the excess. Start again with another strip of fringe about 1/2” up from the previous.

Step 10


Mix It Up

About halfway up the ornament, switch to a different color or metallic fringe. Then continue wrapping the fringe in the original color until you’ve got it completely covered. And you're done!