How to Make a Felted-Wool Bead Door Hanger

Learn how to upcycle old wool and then pair them with pompoms to make decorations for doorknobs or cabinet knobs.

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Door knobs need jewelry too.  With the help of some raw wool (roving) and a little soapy water you can easily whip up something beautiful, boho and beaded.  

Photo by: Jennifer M. Ramos

Jennifer M. Ramos

Usually being agitating is not a good thing, but in the case of making DIY felted wool beads, it’s perfect.  This project just needs a few supplies, but the key is agitation! 

Check out this episode of DIY This with Jennifer Perkins. A couple of different felting options are demonstrated. They're not just for doors, see how to use the beads for things like pushpins and jewelry.


  • wool roving
  • dish soap
  • warm water
  • small bowl
  • large needle
  • yarn
  • hoop
  • scissors
  • embellishments (tassels, pompom, other beads)

Mix dish soap with warm water. How much soap depends on how much water. Just a drop of soap was used with this small bowl.

Submerge the roving into the water. Squeeze out excess liquid. Roll into a ball shape. Agitate the wool by rolling it between your palms as if you are making a ball of clay. Keep repeating the process of dipping into the warm water and rolling until a tight ball of yarn forms.

When you have a round shape you will need to use a needle to make a hole. Also, note that if your bead has cracks you can add a small strand of roving to the crack to repair it.

Assemble the door hanger by stringing the felted beads, pompoms and tassels from yarn using a large needle. Try adding some DIY Wooden Craft Store Beads too.

Attach the string of beads to a bangle bracelet or macrame ring.

Photo by: Jennifer M. Ramos

Jennifer M. Ramos

Hang from doorknobs, cabinet pulls and more.

See, that door did some jewelry.

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