Step 1



Felt an Old Wool Sweater

Choose a wool sweater that is at least one size too large. Felt the sweater by washing it in hot water and a little detergent and then drying it on high heat.

Step 2

Cut the Middle and Sleeves

Lay out the sweater on a flat work surface. Cut open the front of the sweater vertically up the center. Cut off each sleeve about 2 inches from the armpit. (You can save the sleeves to make fingerless gloves.)

Step 3

Determine Length and Cut Curves

Try on the sweater and mark it with a safety pin at the point where the sweater hits the middle of your rib cage. Then take off the sweater and cut evenly across the bottom at the marked point.

Round the edges of the front corners of the sweater.

Step 4

  • CI-Tiffany-Threadgould_sweater-shrug-stitch-up-hem-step6_4x3
  • CI-Tiffany-Threadgould_sweater-shrug-sew-buttons-step7_4x3



Add Decorative Embellishments

Make a whipstitch around the edges with embroidery thread and decorate your bolero-style shrug with buttons or other embellishments.

Step 5



Wear It in Style

Slip on your new threads and show off this newly upcycled sweater shrug.