A fairy dress is an easy Halloween costume to craft. Make the simple tutu (tutorial can be found here), add a halter strap, then adorn it with a belt and a headband.

Step 1


Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian Patrick Flynn

Skirt Becomes a Sleeveless Dress

Pull the long tutu up underneath your child’s arms and over their torso.

Step 2


Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian Patrick Flynn

Add a Halter Strap

Cut a piece of ribbon to 2 yards and loop it around the front center of the tutu elastic band.

Step 3


Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian Patrick Flynn

Tie Ribbon to Create Halter Top

Tie the ribbon in a bow around the back of your child’s neck. This is will give your fairy dress a halter strap to hold the dress up and keep it secure.

Step 4


Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian Patrick Flynn

Make the Belt

Cut a 2-yard piece of ribbon. Snip anywhere from 5 to 8 various-sized flowers from different areas off of the flower garland. Use a hot glue gun to attach the back of the flowers directly on the very middle of the ribbon. Cover about 10 inches in the very center. Allow hot glue to dry/cool fully.

Step 5


Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian Patrick Flynn

Add Belt to Dress

When the hot glue dries, tie the ribbon around your child’s waist.

Step 6

Make the Headband

To make a floral head wreath you will need your floral garland, wire and heavy-duty scissors. Cut floral garland so that you have a 2-foot piece.

Bring the floral garland together so that the ends slightly overlap, creating a circle. Use a 5” piece of wire to carefully wrap the ends together. Wrap the wire very securely and tuck the ends of the wire back into the garland so that they do not poke your child in the head. You can also wrap a little bit of green duct tape over the ends of the wire.

Step 7


Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian Patrick Flynn

Sprout Wings and You're Good to Go

Add wings and maybe a wand and some magic dust.