Add a floral touch to just about anything. Fabric flowers are easy to adhere to most surfaces, plus they won’t wilt and you can make them in any color or pattern.

Step 1


Fold Fabric

Cut or rip a strip of fabric 5” from the edge of the bolt.

Step 2


Decide Which Side Is Top and Which Is Bottom

Fold the strip of fabric in half the long way, pretty-side out. If you want the finished edge of the fabric as the top of the flower, gather it so the bottom is the unfinished edge. If you want a rough cut (thready) on top (which will give a good carnation look), gather the fabric so that the bottom is the finished edge.

Step 3


Baste the Bottom

Begin sewing near the fold or the unfinished edge. Start making long, basting stitches all the way across the bottom. Get a bunch of stitches on the needle each time before pulling the thread all the way through — this way the fabric bunches up as you go and keep it bunched up.

Step 4


The Bottom Gathered

When you get to the end, the whole thing should be about one-third the length you started with.

Step 5


Roll the Flower

Starting from the end where your needle is, roll the fabric into itself and sew together as you go. Make a few stitches through the bottom with every roll to keep the fabric in place, and make sure you pull the thread nice and tight. The flatter you keep the fabric, the wider the flower and the more petals it will have. When you reach the end, double-knot the thread and cut it.

Step 6



Pull at the petals to fluff them out. If you wish, sew or glue jewelry pins, buttons or crystals to the middle.

Step 7


Photo By: Harlem Logan

Harlem Logan

Flower Power

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