Step 1


Cut Pattern

Print the paper pattern and piece together with tape as per instructions. Cut around black lines to cut out dinosaur pattern.  Cut out two dinosaurs from fabric - each one facing the opposite direction.

Step 2


Sew On Button Eyes

Use a needle and thread to sew on buttons where the eye-placement marking is on the pattern. Sew one button on each side of the dinosaur’s head.

Step 3


Cut Felt Triangles

Take the two felt pieces and place one on top of the other. Cut triangle shapes along the top edge over the entire strip, leaving the bottom 3/4" connected.

Step 4


Sew Triangles Together

Pin felt strips together and then sew along the outer triangle edges to secure the pieces together.

Step 5


Pin Triangles to Dinosaur

Pin the straight felt edge to the top curve of one of the dinosaur fabric piece. Place it in between the spike start and spike end markings on the pattern. Sew together using a 1/4" seam allowance. 

Step 6


Sew Triangles to Dinosaur

Place the two fabric dinosaur pieces right sides together and pin along all outer edges, leaving the bottom of one foot open/unpinned. Make sure the triangle felt spikes are secure inside the fabric and do not come out of the fabric edge, you may need to fold them up inside. Sew all around, leaving the bottom of one foot open.

Step 7


Clip Edges

Clip seam edges in all curved areas.

Step 8


Turn Right Side Out

Turn dinosaur right side out through foot. Use your finger or a blunt object to push out all edges.

Step 9


Stuff Dinosaur

Add polyester stuffing into the open foot of the dinosaur until the dinosaur is completely filled out. After stuffing, fold in the raw edges of the dinosaur foot and whipstitch it closed.

Step 10


You are done!

You now have an adorable dinosaur softie, a perfect baby shower gift or birthday present for the toddler in your life.