Reinvent a T-Shirt

The sleeves of the T-shirt are folded forward then cut at the hem to make the placket for the laced-up corset. The ribbon is continued up around the neck to make a halter strap.

Step 1


Cut the Neckline

Fold the shirt in half the long way with the design facing out. Then cut in a straight line from under the neck hole to right above the shoulder seam through all four layers. Cut a little hole (about 1/2” big) near the top of the shoulder on each side. This is to make sure that the top of the dress will fit right above the bust line like a tube top.

Step 2


Cut the Holes for the Corset Lacing

Fold the shirt in half with the front in. Cut notches into the inside edge of each sleeve, making sure not to cut through the whole seam. Space the notches a 1/2" apart all the way up the inside edge of the sleeve hole. Repeat on the second sleeve. Make sure you have the same amount of notches on each sleeve and that they line up evenly.

Step 3


Prep the Ribbon and Shirt

Lay the T-shirt out flat, face up. Fold the sleeves in so that they are about one inch from each other in the middle of the shirt. To make it easier to guide the ribbon through, put a safety pin on each end.

Step 4


Lace It Up

Spin the shirt around so that the neckline is facing you. Double up the ribbon and start threading it through the bottom notches in the sleeve hem. Weave the ribbon through every other notch — not all of them — and alternate between the two ribbon ends as you go so it stays centered.

Step 5


Halter Lace

When you get to the top of the sleeves, double check that the remaining ribbon is even on both sides. Take the ribbon ends and pass them up through the sleeves and through that little hole you made near the shoulder, one on each side. This will create the halter strap.

Step 6


Wear It in Style

Try it on to make sure you like how it fits, then adjust the ribbon around your neck. To see more projects by Ariel, check out Custom Catastrophes.