Step 1

Build Base

Attach the 6” galvanized metal threaded nipple to the flange. Once secure, screw the metal tee onto the top of the 6” threaded nipple. 

Pro Tip

Protect your hands with carpenter’s gloves.

Step 2

Attach Horizontal Arms

Screw 3” galvanized metal threaded nipples into each end of the tee. Thread elbows with the curved side pointing upward onto each of the threaded nipples.

Step 3

Attach Vertical Arms

Attach 1” threaded nipples into all three openings of the tee, then attach the tee to the elbow with the tee pointing the center of the candelabra.

Step 4

Add Elbows to Vertical Arms

Add elbows to the tees with the curved sides pointing upward.

Step 5

Attach Candle Holder

Screw 4” galvanized metal threaded nipple into the elbow. Place tapered candle in top of nipple.

Step 6

Create a More Finished Look with Bushing

For an extra layer of visual interest, consider screwing metal bushings to the tops of any 4” threaded nipples meant to hold candles.