This Halloween dress as a spicy burrito. A white fleece blanket serves as the tortilla. Yarn, crepe paper, felt and streamers are used to make the rice, cheese and veggies.

Step 1


Cut the Tortilla

Cut the poster board into three 4" to 5" strips.

Step 2


Prep the Tortilla

Insert the poster-board strips in the blanket fold and attach using a stapler. This will help the top of the tortilla stand up.

Step 3


Cut the Armholes

Wrap blanket around the shoulder and make a mark where to cut the armholes. Use a circle template to cut the armholes so the blanket becomes a cape.

Step 4


Try It On

Slip into cape and tie a belt around the waist. Bring the ends of collar together and secure with safety pin. This will not only give you an idea of how to wear the costume, but also familiarize you with how to arrange the fillings around the collar.

Step 5


Cut More Poster Paper

Cut the remaining poster board into long 4"-wide strips. You will need about six. These will be used for the burrito fillings.

Step 6


Make the Spinach

Use a 4" circle template to cut the felt fabric into 20 to 25 circles.

Step 7


Fold Twice

Fold each circle in half and then a quarter.

Step 8


Make a Strip of Spinach Leaves

Staple the folded felt to one of the poster-board strips.

Step 9


Spinach Strips

Make as many strips as desired.

Step 10


Make the Lettuce

Fold the green tissue paper lengthwise in half, then quarters and then again in eighths, until the paper is about 4 inches wide. Cut along the length to separate the tissue paper strips.

Step 11


Add Support to the Lettuce

Fold two strips of the poster board in half and place tissue paper strips in between them. Staple the poster board along the middle to sandwich the tissue in between the two poster strips.

Step 12


Shred the Lettuce

Use scissors to cut 1/2" fringe in the tissue paper lettuce.

Step 13


Make the Salsa and Hot Sauce

Cut the orange tablecloth into 2" strips. Staple red cupcake liners to the strips.

Step 14


White Rice

For the rice, make white yarn pom-poms.

Step 15


Shredded Cheese

Bunch the pom-poms together with pipe cleaners so that they look like a floral bouquet.

Step 16


Make Rice and Cheese Balls

Bunch the pom-poms together with pipe cleaners so that they look like a floral bouquet.

Step 17


Stuff and Wrap the Tortilla

Staple the salsa and hot sauce strip to the tortilla blanket. Attach the rice and cheese bouquets to the tortilla using safety pin. Tuck and wrap the spinach leaves and lettuce strips all around. Tie belt around the waist and cover from the waist down with aluminum foil.