Cloth Containers

We used receiving blankets to make these handy baskets, but you can also use old sheets or extra fabric scraps.

Step 1


Cut Fabric

Cut the receiving blankets into 2-inch strips.

Step 2


Pile of Scraps

Repeat until you have cut them all up. Now shed a little tear for just a moment over just how big your baby has gotten — how did it happen so fast?

Step 3


Get Ready to Start Twisting

Gather one end of the cord and three strips of the cut-up fabric.

Step 4


Bunch First Three Strips

Combine the three strips into one bunch. Take the end of the bunch and place it against the end of the cord. Allow at least a 2-inch overlap, but 3 to 4 inches is recommended.

Step 5


Cover the Cord

Fold over the other end of the strips around the cord, completely covering the end of the cord.

Step 6


Start Wrapping

Start wrapping the fabric strips around the cord, over and over again, so that the end of the cord is completely covered. Wrap around the folded portion as well.

Step 7


Pin It Tight

Use a couple of pins to secure the ends of the strip so that it doesn’t come loose. If it does loosen (don’t worry, that will happen right away if it does), start over and be sure to wrap with a longer overlay fold, around four inches.

Step 8


Add More

Continue wrapping the fabric, making the cord grow longer and longer with the fabric wrapping. Be sure to pull the fabric tight so it is not loose. You want it to hold in place. When you get to end of the strips, grab three more.

Step 9


Continue to Wrap

With the three additional fabric strips bunched up, add them to the previous fabric strip ends.

Step 10


Cover Ends of Previous Strips

As you did at the beginning of the cord, wrap the new fabric strips around the cord, covering the ends of the first strips. Continue wrapping until you have used all of the fabric strips. You will now have a very long piece of cord wrapped in fabric.

Step 11


Hold With Pins

When you get to the end, use a couple of pins to secure the fabric in place. Pin directly through the fabric and the cord.

Step 12


Secure With Thread

Use a darning needle and crochet thread to begin securing the very beginning of your cord strip (where you first started). Loop the thread through and around a few times.

Step 13


Start the Bottom

Start folding the fabric-wrapped cord into a spiral, being careful to wrap very tightly. As you wrap, use the needle and thread to secure it in place.

Step 14



As you are sewing with the thread and needle, push the needle through the previous ring and secure around the outside ring. Pull very tightly and keep spiraling around with this repeat process.

Step 15


Keep Twirling

Continue the spiral until you have a circle large enough for your desired basket base. Make one more spiral around your base.

Step 16


Start Up the Side

Use your fingers to gently pull that last spiral up and on top of the previous one. This helps align the spirals to start making an upward motion.

Step 17


Go Up the Sides

Continue spiraling around, securing with needle and thread as you go. Position the spirals one on top of the other. You are moving up the sides of the basket.

Step 18


Add Handles

Continue up the sides until you have reached the desired basket height. If you want your basket to have handles, follow these steps. Using your needle and thread, very securely loop around where you want your first handle to start, going over the same spot, securing it into place at least five times.

Step 19


Stitch the Handle

Continue with the thread around the handle, just wrapping the fabric in place, but not securing it onto the previous spiral. Do this for about eight inches.

Step 20


Move to Second Handle

When you reach the end of the eight inches or desired handle length, bring the loop back to the basket and secure into place by wrapping the thread and needle around and around in the same spot at least five times. Once you have secured both handles in place, it is time to start finishing off the basket.

Step 21


Cut the Cord

Unravel the fabric ends and cut the cord down to size. You want it to be shorter than the amount it takes to get to the opposite handle. DO NOT cut the fabric strips, just the cord.

Step 22


Tuck Fabric Under Previous Layers

Wrap the fabric back around the end of the cord, completely covering it. Take the loose fabric strip ends and thread through the top two spirals. If your basket is nice and tight, like it should be, you may need to use a knitting needle or some other pointed object to force the fabric through.

Step 23


Wrap Until Fabric Is Gone

Tightly pull the fabric through the layers. If you have a very long length of fabric remaining, consider wrapping around one more time through the top two spirals in another location.

Step 24


Slip It Through the Handle

Take one of the strips of fabric from your bunch and wrap through the closest basket handle. Pull tight.

Step 25


Cinch It

Make a knot by tying all of the fabric strips together.

Step 26


Make a Bow

Cut off the frayed ends of the fabric strips. If your strips are long enough, tie them into a bow for a classic finish.