All you need is a fat quarter of fabric and some terry cloth to get you on your way.  They are a great way to showcase your favorite baby fabrics. This is a perfect beginner sewing project and once you get the hang of it, you will be able to whip them up in no time.

Step 1


Cut Fabric

Cut the fat quarter in half. You can do this in either direction, so long as you have two rectangles of fabric (enough fabric for two separate burp cloths).

Step 2


Cut Terrycloth

Cut one piece of waffle knit or terry cloth fabric the same dimensions as the fabric rectangle.

Step 3


Pin Together

Place the waffle or terry fabric rectangle right sides together with one of the fat quarter rectangles of fabric matching up all side edges. Pin around three side edges, leaving one of the short edges open. Sew using a straight stitch.

Step 4


Clip Corners

Clip the corner edges away for smooth pressing in the next step.

Step 5


Turn Right Side Out

Turn burp cloth right side out, push out the side edges with your finger, and then use an iron to press.

Step 6


Fold Under Raw Edge

Turn the raw open edge inside of the burp cloth and press. Pin closed and sew to secure.

Step 7


Stitch Last End

Use a decorative or zigzag stitch to edge stitch around all four sides of the burp cloth.

Step 8



Repeat with the other half of the fat quarter fabric to make more. It is super easy, and the perfect gift to make for baby.