A ruffled onesie makes for fabulous baby photos and dress up wear while still keeping baby comfortable and warm. This simple project takes about one hour to complete and it makes a great handmade baby shower gift.

Step 1


Gather Fabric Strip

Sew a gathering stitch along the top edge of the 2" knit fabric strip. To make a gathering stitch, change the stitch length on your machine to the longest possible stitch (usually a 5). Sew a baste stitch along the entire upper edge, without stay-stitching the ends. Then gently pull the bobbin thread on both sides so the fabric gathers in the middle.

Step 2


Pin to Onesie

Pin one end of the ruffle to the front-middle center of the onesie. (Be sure not to pin through the back of the onesie as well, only pin the front of the shirt.)

Step 3


Overlap the Ruffle

Overlap the ruffle by simply folding it over on itself and bringing it up at an angle. Allow the bottom edge of the next line of the ruffle to cover the upper edge of the previous ruffle line. Pin in place. Repeat so the ruffled lines gradually get larger with each line as you make your way to the neckline.

Step 4


Wrap Around Shoulder

If you still have ruffle to spare, like I did, bring the ruffle over to one of the shoulders. Pin around the neckline, until you reach the shoulder seam. Then repeat the layering ruffle process backwards, layering the ruffles smaller and smaller until you reach the sleeve. Cut off any remaining ruffle.

Step 5


Sew on Ruffle

Use thread the same color as your ruffle knit fabric to carefully sew a zigzag stitch along the top edge of each ruffle layer. Make sure to only sew the ruffle to the front of the onesie, not the back. Starting from the very bottom ruffle line, the smallest, lift up the next line of ruffles so as not to catch them in your stitches, and sew the top gathered edge. When you reach the edge of the ruffle line, where you turned the knit fabric, stop sewing. Bring the next ruffle down, and start sewing the top edge of that line using a zigzag stitch. Repeat for the entire ruffle all the way around your onesie, stopping and starting at each new line.

Step 6


Ruffle is Finished

You may be finished now if you wish, or continue on to add a cute bow.

Step 7


Fold Fabric for Bow

Cut 2” off the end of your scrap fabric and set aside, this will be your bow center. (Alternatively, you may use a 2” piece of coordinating color scrap fabric for this). Fold the 8” piece of scrap fabric in half right sides together, pin and sew along the outer edge. Turn tube right side out.

Step 8


Fold Tube Fabric for Bow

Take each raw edge end of the tube, and bring together in the middle. Sew a couple of stitches back and forth in the middle to secure in place. This is your main bow piece.

Step 9


Fold Fabric for Bow Middle in Half

Take the 2” strip of fabric for the bow middle, and either fold it in half so that both sides meet in the back center - or cut it down in size so that it is only 3/4" wide

Step 10


Add Bow Middle

Wrap the bow center around the main bow piece, pulling tight in the middle. Pinch the back ends of the bow center together, and sew a line to secure. Cut off remaining back center fabric, leaving a 1/2" seam.

Step 11


Sew Bow to Onesie

Sew the bow on both sides of its center, directly onto the shoulder of the onesie.

Step 12


Photo By: Jason Kisner ©2013, DIY Network/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Jason Kisner, 2013, DIY Network/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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