It's easy to add faux suspenders and an interchangeable bowtie to any onesie, and it doesn't cost a lot. The snap-on bowtie allows you to switch out the look and color depending on the occasion (or if they get covered in spit-up).

Step 1


Measure and Cut Ribbon

Lay the grosgrain ribbon along the front of the onesie and measure from the top of the leg to the shoulder seam. Add one inch and cut two strips.

Step 2


Fold and Sew Ribbon to Onesie

Fold under the bottom edge of the grosgrain 1/4" and pin along the leg's opening curve. Sew using a zigzag stitch along the bottom folded edge. (Thread should match the color of the grosgrain ribbon).

Step 3


Repeat to Secure both Pieces of Ribbon

Bring the ribbon up to the top, make sure you have a nice straight line and tuck underneath the enveloped shoulder seam. Fold the ribbon under 1/4" along the top edge and pin in place. Sew using a zigzag stitch to secure. Repeat for opposite side of onesie.

Step 4


Cut Fabric for Bowtie

To make the bowtie, use the fat quarter of fabric. I like a nice thick bow tie that holds its shape, which requires a lot of folds. Cut two rectangles from the fat quarter: one at 18” x 13” for the bowtie; one at 8” x 4” for the bowtie center.

Step 5


Position Fabric to Fold

Place the bowtie piece right side down with the 18” piece going left to right, and the 13” piece laying top to bottom. Fold the two edges in towards the center, meeting in the middle. Use an iron to press

Step 6


Start Folding Fabric

Fold the bottom up towards the center until it gets to the middle and then press. Fold the top edge down one inch and then press.

Step 7


Fold Again and Press

Fold the top edge down again, almost all the way to the bottom, and then press.

Step 8


Pin and Sew

Fold both side edges in towards the center so they meet in the middle and slightly overlap, and then press. Pin in place and sew a line down the center where the fabric overlaps.

Step 9


Cover the Edges

Take the “bowtie center” fabric and fold in the long edges one inch towards the wrong side, and then press. Fold again enclosing the raw edges and press.

Step 10


Pinch Together

Take the bow tie and squeeze together the middle.

Step 11


Wrap and Sew

Wrap the bowtie center around the middle of the bow tie, and squeeze it together in the back. Sew the back bowtie center together very carefully where the two sides meet. Use a zipper foot if you have one or sew by hand to secure.

Step 12


Secure Edges

Snip off the bowtie center excess ends, leaving a 1/2" seam allowance. Press the seam allowance to one side, and whipstitch down the raw edges to secure.

Step 13


Sew Snap-Ons

Following the directions on the sew-on snaps package, secure the two ends to the back of the bowtie, and the opposite ends to the top center of the onesie. It is important to sew two snaps onto the onesie to ensure that the bowtie stays in place.

Step 14


Photo By: Jason Kisner ©2013, DIY Network/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Jason Kisner, 2013, DIY Network/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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