Step 1

Halloween craft materials

Take one coffee filter and fold in half and in half again.

Step 2

Halloween craft materials

Fold one additional time, so the filter is folded in sixths.

Step 3

Halloween craft materials

Thread the large needle with ribbon or string and stitch through the pointed end of the folded coffee filter.

Step 4

Halloween craft materials

Continue folding coffee filters and stitching through each one. Turn each filter in the opposite direction to create fullness.

Step 5

Halloween craft materials

Continue stitching all coffee filters together until desired garland length is achieved.

Step 6

Halloween Chair Garland

©Vicki Lynn Photography

Vicki Lynn Photography

Download and print the Happy Halloween sign on Kraft paper and attach with hot glue or tape. Add a satin ribbon bow to each end of garland. A creepy spider adds the Halloween fun.