For the bag’s outer shell, use any fabric to express your individual style. For the inner shell, use faux sheepskin or anything with cushioning to help protect your electronics.

Step 1


Cut the Holder Fabric

Measure the width and length of your device then add two inches all the way around. If you're a beginner, you may be more comfortable with a pattern. Cut brown kraft paper to the proper dimensions then use it as a template to cut two pieces of the suit fabric, two pieces of the tablet lining and two pieces of the interfacing.

Step 2


Cut the Pocket and Tab Fabric

The front pocket should be the same width as the tablet pieces and about two-thirds the length. Cut one piece of suit fabric, one piece of cotton lining and one piece of interfacing to that size. For the tab, cut one piece suit fabric, one piece of cotton lining and one piece of interfacing to 2-1/2” x 4”.

Step 3


Attach Menswear Pieces to Interfacing

Place all of the suit (outer) pieces pretty-side down and place all of the interfacing pieces on top, rough-side down. Set the iron at high heat, then press the interfacing to the back side of the menswear fabric.

Step 4


Sewing the Pocket and Tab

Pin the pocket fabric pieces, pretty to pretty, and stitch across the top with a 1/2” seam allowance. Fold it right-side out, and press the sides using an iron, then add another stitch 1/4” from the top sewn edge. Pin the tab pieces together, pretty to pretty, and sew around three sides of it. Trim your seam allowances down to 1/4” and flip it inside out and press with an iron.

Step 5


Sew Lining

Pin the two big pieces of lining on three sides, pretty to pretty, but instead of sewing across the bottom completely, leave a 4” hole. Make sure you backstitch when you start and stop. Do not turn inside out.

Step 6


Sew the Big Pieces Together

Place a piece of the suit fabric pretty-side up. Lay the finished pocket pretty-side up on top then place the remaining piece of suit fabric pretty-side down and pin together on three sides leaving the top open. That's the side that doesn't have the pocket. Pin and sew around three sides, leaving the top open. Flip the pretty side out.

Step 7


Slide Lining and Outer Shell Together

Pin the tab to the edge of one side of the menswear fabric. Then place the outer shell inside the lining. Match the tops of the lining and the fabric together, pretty to pretty, making a sort of cylinder, and pin it. Sew around the meeting edges in a circle as if you’re closing the tube.

Step 8


Flip Right-Side Out

Flip it all inside out through the hole we left in the lining, and then slipstitch that hole closed.

Step 9


Finishing Touch

Sew a snap on the tab and place a decorative button to go over it. To see more projects by Ariel, check out Custom Catastrophes.