©Kara Hill

Kara Hill

Make It for Baby

If you are new to sewing, this project is for you. It requires only a basic straight stitch and you can use scrap fabric or old clothes.

Step 1


Print Templates, Trace and Cut

Print the owl pattern, including the wings, eyes and beak. Choose a fabric for the body of the owl and lay the pattern on your fabric. Choose a fabric for the owl's eyes, wings and beak and lay the patterns on your fabric. Use straight pins to secure the patterns to the fabric, then use a pencil to trace the shapes.

Step 2


Cut Out All the Pieces

Lay the pattern on the minky or other soft fabric and cut it out. Choose a contrasting fabric for the wings, eyes and beak.

Step 3


Give It a Face

Place the wings, eyes and beak on the front fabric and pin in place. Sew these on using a basic straight stitch.

Step 4


Fatten the Wing

Leave a small opening in each of the wings and stuff them with a little batting.

Step 5


Puffy Wings

Top-stitch over the opening in each wing.

Step 6


Sew Both Sides Together

Place the front of the owl (with the wings and face) against the minky fabric, pretty sides facing each other. Sew all around leaving a small opening to turn it right-side out and to add the batting. Make the opening on the bottom so it is less obvious.

Step 7


Finish and Cuddle

Through the small opening, turn the owl right-side out and iron flat. Through the small opening, insert the batting. Top-stitch the opening closed.