Cute and Cuddly

Two coordinating pieces of fabric are married together to make one irresistibly snuggly blanket.

Step 1


Create Pattern

Make a pattern out of the brown kraft paper to use as a guide (optional). We made a 31” x 31” square. Lay both pieces of fabric out — pretty sides facing — on a work surface. Lay the pattern paper over both pieces of fabric and secure them with straight pins. Cut the fabric around the pattern. Make sure everything is smooth and that the template is square to the fabric so the pattern isn’t crooked.

Step 2


Prep for Sewing

Remove the pattern paper and re-pin the fabric together (still pretty sides together).

Step 3


Stitch the Sides

Use a sewing machine to sew around the entire blanket 1/2" from the edge. Leave about 4 inches open on a straight-edge side, not a corner. Backstitch on the machine when you start and stop.

Step 4


Pull Pretty Sides Out

Clip the corners diagonally to neaten everything up. Turn the blanket right-side out through the 4-inch hole and then hand-stitch the hole closed using an invisible stitch. Press the blanket lightly with an iron and then pin the two layers together flat in a few places to keep them from shifting or creating any bubbles.

Step 5


Tack the Middle

Sew a 1/2" to 1" border (or whatever you like). Tack the blanket in a few places using a needle and thread that blends with the fabric. Make a few stitches in the same place. About 3 to 4 tacks spaced out is enough.

Step 6


Give It to Baby

Fold it up then wrap it — it makes a perfect baby shower gift. To see more projects by Ariel, check outCustom Catastrophes.