When handcrafting these baby gifts, match the nursery decor or the parent's favorite colors, then add ribbons or trim and embroider the baby's name to personalize the cloths.

Step 1


Measure Burp Cloth

Measure the burp cloth length from top to bottom. Add 1" to measurement and record that number for the next step.

Step 2


Cut Fabric

Cut one piece of fabric the length of the measurement x 7" wide.

Step 3


Fold and Iron

Fold all edges of the fabric 1/2" in towards the wrong side and then iron flat.

Step 4


Pin Fabric

Place the fabric on top of the center of the burp cloth, with the raw folded ends against the burp cloth. Pin around the outer edges, enclosing the raw sides.

Step 5


Sew Fabric

Zigzag stitch around the entire fabric edge, securing the fabric to the burp cloth.

Step 6


Add Ribbon

If you want, add a lace or ribbon trim to the burp cloth.

Step 7


Pin Lace

Repeat the process for attaching the fabric to the burp cloth.  Place fabric on top of the center of the burp cloth, with the raw folded ends against the burp cloth. Cut a piece of lace or ribbon the same length as your burp cloth, and then pin one side of the lace or ribbon in between the side edge of the fabric and the burp cloth.

Step 8


Sew to Secure Lace

Continue pinning the lace or ribbon until you reach the end of the burp cloth. Repeat for other side and zigzag stitch to secure.

Step 9


Completed Lace Embellishment

You now have two embellished burp cloths that any new mother will love. Want to personalize them? Let's go...

Step 10


Personalization Materials

If you want to personalize the burp cloths, you will need embroidery thread and a needle.

Step 11


Pencil Name

Use a fabric marker or go very gently with a pencil, draw out the baby's name in desired location on the burp cloth. Using three strands of embroidery thread make a knot in one end and slip the other ends through the eye of a needle.

Step 12


Begin Stitching Name

A great embroidery stitch for names is the slip stitch. Starting at the beginning of the name, bring the needle up from the back and then down again through the fabric about 1/8" away.

Step 13


Name Complete

Continue stitching forming the letter's lines as you go. When you are finished with the name, simply tie a knot in the back with the thread, and cut ends about 1/8" away from knot.

Step 14


You are done!

You now have a perfect set of embellished burp cloths that will make a fabulous baby gift.